About The Cultured Base

Culture – The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Imagine you stumbled upon a platform which helps to take our beloved community to the next level. Look no further, you have arrived there. 

We are all about black empowerment, growth and excellence in every sense of the word – literally. If you asked us to capture our essence in just one sentence, we would tell you The Cultured Base is a global business directory build especially for the international black diaspora. However, we are so much more than that alone.

We envision ourselves to be the everlasting game-changer the culture has been waiting for. Sure, we’ve got you when in need of a top-notch black hairdresser in Amsterdam, a quality Afro-Caribbean restaurant in Paris or a black-owned book shop in Portugal, to name-drop just a few examples. However, it does not stop there.

Why should it? Our story is rooted in the beautiful chronicle of the universal afro diaspora. It’s no secret we as a community endured many struggles and hardships. We came from far but achieved so much. In 2022, there are more black owned businesses & projects out there than ever before.

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Founder Shadee (on the left) & CEO Sulirayna

Just walk into a random town or city and take a good look around you. Better yet, go onto the internet and take a stroll through some of your daily blogs, trending topic or business pages. What do you notice? That’s right, our people are dominating the culture, whether it be the fashion, business, entertainment, tech, health and/or the spiritual domain. Unfortunately, there are way too many initiatives out there which don’t get the attention or support which they rightly earn.

Each and every one of them deserve a spot in the limelight, is what our founder thought when she came up with the idea of The Cultured Base back in 2019. Ever since our launch, we have been recognized as a trendsetter, way more than just your ordinary business platform. We are a culture hub with a burning desire to inspire our surroundings, that’s the people we meet and the individuals that visit our platform. 

So that’s what we are here for folks. It’s our mission, better yet our duty to make sure our legacy will be passed over to future generations. Our platform will inspire the future superstars to keep building on their wealth and legacy, one day at a time.

We’ll always stay our authentic selves and will therefore hold our three main values – representation, respect and reconstruction – in the highest regard possible.

Do you own a black business (or any other cool venture for that matter) and do you want to register with us? Then sign up on our list today! If you are just here to explore, that’s fine as well!”

We’re all in, so we can all win.

Meet The Team

Shadee Hernandez


Sulirayna Navarro


Surayny Navarro

Executive Assistant


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